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Coughs & Colds

We're here for you when illness strikes. To restore your health as quickly as possible, we offer walk-in hours for established patients to evaluate and treat the common cold, sore throat, earache, urinary tract infection, COVID and flu-like symptoms. We want to help you get back to what's most important! Our dedicated clinical team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Preventative Care, Physicals,
Chronic Disease Management

Our goal is to promote your best health through comprehensive prevention methods. In our care, you will experience focused visits that include a wellness exam, appropriate counseling, and relevant screenings. We have an integrated care approach to managing illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Disease, Migraines, GERD, Arthritis, Asthma/COPD, etc. 

and so much more!

  • Flu, Strep Throat and COVID Testing

  • Flu Vaccines

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

  • EKG’s

  • Spirometry

  • Breathing Treatments

  • Work and School Physicals

  • Back, Chest, and Abdominal Pain

  • Weight Management

  • Skin And Rash Problems

  • Cancer Screenings

  • Stress Management

  • Breast, Pap & Pelvic Exams

  • Suture Removal

  • IV Rehydration



To help save time at the office, please print and complete the New Patient & Medical History Forms.


You are family there. I hate medical visits but I never cringe to go see them there. They never cringe to see me. I tell everyone about them. The horses and blueberry picking don't hurt either ... just glad to have someone who cares! And remembers me. As a person. Not a chart. 

What can we say....we went from being patients of Kathy to being patients of her wonderful daughter, she is so thorough, so patient if we have alot of questions or concerns and she will go out of her way to get you whatever help you need,with medications or if you need a referal. I'm so thankful and proud to tell friends and family where my physician is guys are the best,God bless you all!!!! Best in the county!!!!

I live part time 1.5 hours away from Marion Wellness and Disease Management. It is worth the drive to come here and be treated.

"The BEST of the BEST". We couldn't have been more lucky to have found them 10 years ago when we moved up from Myrtle Beach. Love 'em both!

2020 Best of McDowell

I’ve been treated at this practice for 10 years and I’ve never had a negative experience. All staff members are courteous and professional. Plus, staff has a wealth of medical experience. I recommend Marion Wellness to my friends and family.

I am always met with professionalism and compassion. They are exceptional, knowledgeable providers! Thank you!

Kathleen and LeAnne are awesome! They do a great job at treating the whole patient.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the folks at Marion Wellness & Disease Management!! Everyone at that office is amazing - the whole staff! When you call in, you get a helpful, friendly voice. When they "take you back" you have listening, caring folks attending to you. When you have a medical concern it's not just a 2 minute visit with a "take this and call us if you don't improve." You get thoughtful, intelligent questions to get to the source of your problem and then you get SOLUTIONS!! 

Meet the Team


Kathy & LeAnne
Kathy Smothers

Kathy Smothers
Adult Nurse Practitioner


Office Manager
Medical Office Assistant

Marion Wellness & Disease Management_edi

LeAnne Roberts
Family Nurse Practitioner



Audra Pittman

Medical Assistant



Monday 7:00am-5:00pm

Tuesday 7:00am-5:00pm

Wednesday - closed

Thursday 7:00am-5:00pm
Friday 7:00am-5:00pm


59 Gypsy Mountain Rd. 

Marion, NC 28752

Phone: 828-652-8196

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